Serving the Children of the World

Club Dues and Fees

  • One time pro-rated joining fee ($55.00 maximum)
  • $63.00 Dues per quarter
  • $8.00 Breakfast charge per meeting (if eating)

Voluntary Contributions

  • "Happy Bucks" are donated for the priviledge of sharing personal events with the Club at the member's discretion.
  • There's an automatic "Happy Buck" for birthdays, spouse birthdays and anniversaries during the meeting prior to the date.
    • For member birthdays we sing happy birthday: for the standard $1 the member receives the worst we can deliver, for $2 the best, and for $3 member's choice (including not singing at all).
    • We do not sing for spouse birthays (unless they are present) or anniversaries
  • In November we solicit voluntary contributions for Thanksgiving baskets
  • in December we solicit a contribution for our waitress (if we have one).
Kiwanis Defining Statement
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